Account Management Services

ASSET ONBOARDING: We'll help you onboard large numbers of assets from your legacy system or asset database via manual, batch or API upload.

ARTWORK TESTING: We help you test your artwork files for quality and the correct format and size.

DATA MAPPING: We help you with your initial data mapping, dataset evaluation and generation of missing data.

ONBOARDING NEW BLANKS: We help you onboard new blanks to the system, either your own inventory or 3rd party blanks, this includes product photos, ambient photos, canvas sizing, size charts, descriptions and any other meta data.

BLANK AND ARTWORK SELECTION & UPDATING: We help you select the most suitable blank and artwork combinations and constantly update the selection based on sales results.

APPROVALS: We'll help you with approval activities which are handled from the blank approval to product listing on specific shops.

Creative Services

ARTWORK DESIGN: Creation of commercial artwork based on your design brief, either from scratch or based on existing assets.

TECHNICAL ARTWORK PREPARATION: Artwork received will be prepared and formatted for use for both eCommerce and production.

WEBSTORE DESIGN AND CREATION: Your webstore will be created based on your design brief including banners and logos.

LANDING PAGE DESIGN: Campaign-based landing page(s) will be built according to your business requirements and design brief.

Technical Services

SPECIAL FEATURES: System and process enhancements and specific development to your system and work process.

ECOMMERCE INTEGRATION: Integration with your store, marketplace or platform which is not supported by the system.

SUPPLY CHAIN INTEGRATION: Integration with 3rd party vendors and any required testing for adding custom supply chain assets to the service, for example your own printers or vendors.

MARKETING TOOL INTEGRATION: Integration with 3rd party marketing tools according to your requirements.

BI AND AI INTEGRATION: Integration with your BI/AI systems according to your requirements to enhance data matrixes and improved data-driven decision making.